Alaska Teamster-Employer Service Training Trust
Alaska Teamster-Employer Service Training Trust
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Training with the Teamster Training Center
Alaska Teamster-Employer Service Training Trust (ATESTT) is a multi-employer collectively bargained plan that provides training to its eligible plan participants.

Eligibility: To be eligible for training through the Training Trust you must be a current Alaska Teamster Local 959 member who is or has worked for a contributing employer to the Training Trust for at least 400 hours or more within any five month period within the previous 24 months.  To determine your eligibility you must obtain your Work History from the Local 959 Dispatch Hall and provide it to the Training Trust when inquiring.

Note: Not all Teamster employer contracts contribute to ATESTT.


Apprenticeship with ATESTT:

Applications are only accepted when there is an announced application and selection period. These will be posted on this website at that time. Meanwhile, if you see a program you are interested in, go to the apprenticeship page and subscribe to receive an email when future openings are announced.