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Survey Technician

Are you looking for an exciting career in Construction Survey?

Surveyors are commonly referred to as Technical Engineers.

Surveyors are typically the first to start the project and the last to leave.  They read plans, lay out the project, and record the process for the legal record.  The projects include utility lines, roads, highways, buildings, mining, and pipelines.

Surveying involves measurements and uses high-tech instruments and handheld computers. Lasers and satellites are also used in the measurement process.

Proficiency in higher math is required.

Applicants may be age 17 upon submission of the application however they must be a minimum of 18 years of age upon the date of indenture. This date will be posted during an open application period.


We do not provide training for the sake of training. When we accept you into our program we train you to place you into our construction workforce to meet the needs of the Alaska Teamsters Local 959 Union employers who are building Alaska.

Our motto is, “Training Alaskans for Tomorrows Workforce”.

Program Overview

We highly encourage applicants to participate in the free interview workshops at the DOL Job Centers. Do your homework about the program and type of work. Be sure you understand this industry and it is what you are interested in.

Application Process

  • There will be a 30-day announced notice of the apprenticeship opening.

  • At the end of that announcement, there will be a 10-business-day application acceptance period.

  • After the deadline, all applications will be reviewed for eligibility.

    • Those that are deemed eligible will then be notified by mail of the interview date and time.

    • Those ineligible will also receive a notice by mail of their status.

    • Eligible applicants will be required to respond to the interview notice confirming they wish to be interviewed.

    • Those who do not will be removed from the eligibility list.

  • Interviews are conducted in person in Anchorage unless otherwise noted. We highly encourage applicants to participate in the free interview workshops at the DOL Job Centers. Do your homework about the program and type of work. Be sure this is the industry you are interested in.

  • Applicants who are interviewed and selected for the program will be notified by telephone and mail.

    • At that time you will be required to obtain your Drug & Alcohol substance test. (Depending on location and provider the fee is typically $70).

    • Once we receive Negative test results for substance tests; you will then be required to complete a post-offer pre-placement Functional Fit Test performed by our affiliate clinic.

    • Upon successful completion of this test; an official offer of acceptance into the training program will be made and you will be notified for the Orientation day.


On Orientation day, you will be required to sign-up with the Alaska Teamsters Local 959 to obtain your Start Date and Ledger #. That requires a $25.00 non-working dues payment. You will also need to maintain that monthly dues payment until you receive your first work dispatch. At that time a working dues structure will go into place. 

  • Your personal investment for all of the above with or without funding assistance during the first week of class is approximately $225.  

  • The Training for the apprenticeship program is at no cost, that is our investment in you and is approximately $15,000 for your first year in the program.

Keep in mind there will be additional costs for appropriate work gear which can be an investment as well. We provide an outline of recommended gear, boots, and even suggested personal items to be prepared to go to the job site for the first time.

These fees are the apprentice’s responsibility. On occasion there may be assistance available from other sources and is a case-by-case, individual qualification status (i.e.: DOL & AK Native Corporations, etc.). We recommend you begin searching for your options as soon as possible.


The length of training before an apprentice is eligible for work will also vary by the time of year and needs from our employers. Pre-Employment training with us is unpaid time. Unemployment benefits may be available during pre-employment training, and other support services including required work gear can be found through the Department of Labor Job Centers.We urge you to begin this process immediately as it can take a few weeks to process.

Our apprenticeship program requires a minimum of 1 to 3 weeks of consecutive training and orientation in Anchorage, as well as extensive self-study and online testing throughout your apprenticeship. All apprentices attend initial training to ensure consistency and team building. We have high expectations and require a minimum 80% GPA, with the possibility of being cancelled during the initial 1000-hour probation period. Our program seeks dedicated individuals who will represent the Teamsters and our membership professionally, with the intent to begin your career for winter construction work on the North Slope.

Work will likely start in late January or early February. Weather dependent!


Work is assigned by the Apprenticeship Coordinator. You do not seek your own employment. Typical work seasons are:

Summer: End of June/Early July through October
• Most summer schedules are 6 on - 2 off.

Winter: Late January/ Early February through March/April
• The winter work season can typically be 8 weeks straight - NO R&R, although some companies have a 6 on - 2 off schedule.

Work for this apprenticeship program is typically all along the Alyeska Pipeline corridor, North of Fairbanks along the haul road, and on the North Slope. Some work may be in remote locations for projects however, it is typically not local in-town work. 


It is essential to have a financial plan in place when working in the construction industry due to its seasonality. While you may receive higher wages than ever before, it is crucial to avoid the temptation of making big purchases immediately. Instead, we advise saving for the times when work is scarce. We recommend waiting until you have completed the program and become a journeyperson before making significant investments. Even apprentices may go through extended periods of unemployment, so planning ahead is critical.


We do ask applicants to provide information about previous criminal convictions.


Not all incidents are automatic disqualifications. Other offenses may be disqualifications due to employer policies, we look at these on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure, before you apply please contact us.

Surveyor Assistant Apprentice

Plus receive ongoing career development, health benefits, and pension.
Journeyman Scale is $39 - $48 per hour

Dependent on the collective bargaining agreement for the particular segment of the construction industry.

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