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Teamsters Members Training Center

Training with ATESTT is for eligible Teamster Local 959 members. 

Contact Teamsters Union Local 959 Dispatch to obtain a copy of your Work History to determine your eligibility.

Anchorage (907) 751-8566 | Fairbanks (907) 452-2959

Eligibility requirement details are below.

Training is scheduled based on the need of the participants/employers and upon recertification needs.
Courses scheduled may be canceled due to non-participation or at the discretion of ATESTT.


To ensure you are able to receive training before your certification expires, register below for training notices.
We conduct individual and group training programs as needed or by appointment.

We do not have a published schedule as training programs are scheduled as needed or by appointment. However, to receive schedule updates, please go to the bottom of this page and register to receive email notifications.
If you need training that is not an
nounced, please email us.

Member Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Course Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

Student Responsibilities

Driver Training & Testing

ATESTT offers Commercial Driver's License (CDL) training and testing for eligible members requiring a CDL or for upgrade training.

New EDLT Requirements effective 2/7/2022 including mandatory classroom and hands-on training.

Industry Specialty Driver Courses

ATESTT offers advanced vehicle training programs for experienced professional drivers.

Member Training Schedule

Eligible Member Schedule
Anchorage & Fairbanks
Please subscribe below to receive current email updates on training programs.

Hazardous Materials Courses

ATESTT offers courses for transportation awareness, shipping & handling, site clean-up and response.

NSTC Training

NSTC is now the Alaska Safety Alliance. Effective January 1, 2022, all NSTC replacement cards are offered directly through ASA.

NEW & UPDATE Courses

Complete the ATESTT Application for All Other Courses above to register for NSTC courses. ATESTT will register you for the online course through ASA.

Individual Training

We also conduct individual training programs as needed by appointment.

OSHA & Industry Safety Course

ATESTT offers courses required to work in the Teamster construction industry.

Technical Engineer/Surveyor Upgrade Courses

ATESTT provides relevant industry training as required by employer needs.

Chainmen, APC & PC Exams are by appointment only.

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